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2023 Catalogue


Tomato - Atlas Hybrid
First-ever beefsteaks for porches and decks in warm, sunny conditions everywhere.

Tomato - Baby Boomer Hybrid
Sweet And Juicy Cherry Tomatoes

Tomato - Big Daddy Hybrid
Large, Meaty and Delicious Tomatoes

Tomato - Big Mama Hybrid
Ideal For Tasty Sauces

Tomato - Big Pink Hybrid
Rosy Pink Flavourful Tomatoes

Tomato - Black Moon Hybrid
Outstanding, firm and juicy black fruited tomato.

Tomato - Bliss Hybrid
A joy to behold and to eat!

Tomato - Bountiful
Improved Tastier Tomande

Tomato - Brandy Boy Hybrid
Large with an Heirloom Flavour

Tomato - Burlesque Hybrid
Juicy and Prolific

Tomato - Burpee's LongKeeper
Stays Fresh For 6-12 Weeks

Tomato - Burpee's Sauce Hybrid
Perfect For Making Divine Sauces

Tomato - Burpee's Supersteak Hybrid
Super Sized Meaty Tomato

Tomato - Burpee's Vivacious Hybrid
Super-fruit breakthrough with luminous orange-scarlet fruits.

Tomato - BushSteak Hybrid
Ideal For Small Gardens and Containers

Tomato - Cherokee Purple
Rich and Full Flavoured Tomato

Tomato - Cherry Baby Hybrid
Sweet, Light and Tangy

Tomato - Cherry Falls
Ideal For Hanging Baskets and Containers

Tomato - Cocktail Crush Hybrid
Blight Resistance and sweetness!

Tomato - Consuelo Hybrid
Tasty bite size tomatoes

Tomato - Crimson Crush Hybrid
Blight Resistance and Delicious Flavour!

Tomato - Delicious
Smooth, Excellent Slicer & Long Storing Fruit

Tomato - Fordhook Early VF Hybrid
Produces Bumper Crops All Summer

Tomato - Gigantomo Hybrid
Giant World Beater Tomato

Tomato - Green Envy
Sweet and Juicy Green Tomato

Tomato - Green Zebra
Heirloom Green Striped Tomato

Tomato - Honey Delight Hybrid
Light Yellow Cocktail Sized Tomato

Tomato - Honeycomb Hybrid
Sweet like honey!

Tomato - Knockout Hybrid
Second Largest Tomato In Our Range

Tomato - Merrygold
Sweet And Juicy Cherry Tomatoes

Tomato - Nagina
Blight resistance, Early Ripening Culinary All Rounder!

Tomato - Oh Happy Day Hybrid
Ruby Red Junior Beefsteak

Tomato - Orange Slice Hybrid
Zesty Orange Tomatoes

Tomato - Orange Wellington Hybrid
Nearly Seedless Plump Orange Tomatoes

Tomato - Patio Plum

Tomato - Rose Crush
Highly Blight Resistant Pink Beefsteak!

Tomato - Rubylicious
Stays Fresh For 6-12 Weeks

Tomato - Shimmer Hybrid
Shimmering beauty

Tomato - Steak Sandwich Hybrid
Large and Tasty Sandwich Tomato

Tomato - Summer Frolic
A Classic and Dependable Tomato

Tomato - Super Mama Hybrid
Rich and Zesty Italian Flavour

Tomato - Toddler Hybrid
Super tasty and disease resistant.

Tomato - Tomande Hybrid
Juicy Marmande Tomatoes

Tomato - Veranda Red Hybrid
Perfect for patio pots!

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