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Tomato Shimmer Hybrid

Catalogue Code: S590050

One precious tomato you won't want to give away! Read More

Key Features:

Sun: Full Sun
Height: 51-64 cm
Spread: 51-64 cm
Fruit Size: 15 g
Days to Maturity: 50-55 Days
Determinance: Determinate
Uses: Containers, Small Spaces
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Sweet And Juicy Cherry Tomatoes

But with yeilds of 300-350 fruits in a season, you will have plenty, plus your neighbours will love you. Larger than a cherry but smaller than a roma, wiyth green stripes, touches of shimmering gold, unique almond shape and sweet, succulent flavour. Colour your salads with greens and golds, or enjoy snack-sized fruit fresh form the vine.

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