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Aubergine Burger

Published: 20th August 2018

Aubergine burger with grilled halloumi & smoked paprika mayonnaise (V)

Serves 2


1 Aubergine - Meatball

1 Pack halloumi - Sliced                                            

1 Large beef tomato - Sliced - Bushsteak

1 Red onion - sliced

2 Brioche buns

1 Packet of rocket leaves

1/2tsp Oregano

2tbsp Olive oil

1tsp Smoked paprika

4tbsp Mayonnaise

½ Lemon

Vegetable oil to shallow fry the aubergine


Ingredients for panée / breaded aubergine

2 eggs

50g Panko breadcrumbs

40g Plain flour



Set the oven at 190C.

Set out two large plates, put the flour onto one, the Panko breadcrumbs onto the other, then beat the eggs.

Slice the aubergine and dip them one at a time into the four and shake off the excess. Then run the aubergine through the egg to coat lightly, allowing any excess to drip back into the bowl.

Finally, lay the aubergine in the breadcrumbs pressing each side to coat it well.

Slice the tomato, red onion and the halloumi and set aside.

In a shallow pan, add the oil and heat it through until hot.

Gently drop the breaded aubergine (away from you) into the pan and fry until golden brown.

Drain onto kitchen paper to remove any excess oil then place in the oven. Then Place the sliced halloumi on a separate tray with olive oil and oregano and cook until golden brown. The cooked aubergine should be tender to touch.

For the mayonnaise - Mix the mayonnaise and smoked paprika in a dish, season with salt, pepper and lemon juice to taste.


To serve: Place the base of the brioche bun on a plate or chopping board, then build your burger. Starting from the bottom, place the paprika mayonnaise on the brioche, then add the rocket leaves, the sliced tomatoes, red onions slices, grilled halloumi, breaded aubergine, a little more paprika mayonnaise then top with the lid of the brioche bun.

You can place a long skewer in the middle to hold it together.

Tip: Why not try with BBQ pulled pork & red slaw

Ready to eat and Enjoy with sweet potato fries!

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