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2021 Catalogue

Outdoor Plants

Tomato - Consuelo Hybrid
Tasty bite size tomatoes

Tomato - Green Zebra
Heirloom Green Striped Tomato

Tomato - Oh Happy Day Hybrid
Large Finely Balanced Tomatoes

Tomato - Orange Slice Hybrid
Zesty Orange Tomatoes

Tomato - Orange Wellington Hybrid
Nearly Seedless Plump Orange Tomatoes

Tomato - Patio Plum

Tomato - Shimmer Hybrid
Shimmering beauty

Tomato - Steak Sandwich Hybrid
Large and Tasty Sandwich Tomato

Tomato - Summer Frolic
A Classic and Dependable Tomato

Tomato - Super Mama Hybrid
Rich and Zesty Italian Flavour

Tomato - Veranda Red
Perfect for patio pots!

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