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RHS Chatsworth 2017

Published: 9th June 2017

Early June and we were at our second show already! The weather had not been kind at all, torrential rain left the ground very wet, even inside the marquees’. Luckily the British public were prepared with umbrellas and wellingtons. At least, as the week drew on the weather improved.

The display at Pennard’s exhibit was very different from that at Chelsea, this time the theme was based on the famous banana variety ‘Musa Cavendishii’ which was introduced by Joseph Paxton in around 1835. Bananas eaten today descend from that original plant.

We had many of our varieties on display, our cherry tomato ‘Cherry Baby’ was a hit again. We had plenty of samples for tasting. The look of delight as the little tomato was popped into the mouth, exploding with a juicy sweetness; something we don’t expect any more, being used to eating commercially grown tomatoes from the supermarkets. One lady commented ‘Does anyone try this tomato and leave without a packet of the seeds!’ Many commented that when the tomatoes are ready next year, they will not make it to the house!

Tomato ‘Patio Plum’ was at home at the show. The original seed started its life locally in Chesterfield. The late Jim Reeve discovered he had a rogue seed within a packet of tomato seeds. When it grew, it looked like no other tomato plant he had seen. It was a small indeterminate type with curled leaves, producing clusters of baby plum tomatoes. Jim was curious to find out more, he sent the seed away to be tested to see if there was a genetic issue. It turned out it was a new plant. Today we are lucky enough to own this seed and offer it for sale to the home gardener. It really is something very special.

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