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2023 Catalogue


Hot Pepper - Chiang Rai
Medium Hot Green to Dark Red Pepper

Hot Pepper - Hot Lemon
Spicy With A Hint Of Pine Wood

Hot Pepper - Hungarian Black
Easy to grow!

Hot Pepper - Mirch Masala
Suitable For A Wide Range Of Climates

Hot Pepper - Orange Pepperoncini
Compact Plants

Hot Pepper - Reggae
Compact and Pungent

Hot Pepper - Sparky
A versatile chili

Hot Pepper - Toofan
Suitable For A Wide Range Of Climates

Sweet Pepper - Afterglow Hybrid
Sweet And Juicy

Sweet Pepper - Cardinal
Deep Purple To Sweet Red Pepper

Sweet Pepper - Crispy Hybrid
Sweet and Crispy Pepper

Sweet Pepper - Lemon Dream
Flavourful Sweet Pepper

Sweet Pepper - Panache Hybrid (Stuff Enuff)
Perfect For Stuffing

Sweet Pepper - Popti
Great For Compact Spaces

Sweet Pepper - Red King Hybrid
Huge Pepper Ideal For Stuffing

Sweet Pepper - Tangerine Dream
Sweet With A Hint Of Heat

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