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2023 Catalogue

Garden Vegetables

Aubergine - Genie Hybrid
Big yields!

Aubergine - Green Knight Hybrid
Jade Jewels!

Aubergine - Meatball Hybrid
Meaty and Delicious!

Aubergine - Violet Knight Hybrid
Deep violet fruits

Aubergine - White Knight Hybrid
Unique, shimmery white fruits

Broccoli - Sun King Hybrid
Large and Tasty!

Cabbage - Salad Delight
Early Maturing Red Cabbage

Carrot - Short N Sweet
Ideal for heavy or poor soil

Corn, Ornamental  - Fiesta
Matures early

Corn, Popcorn - Robust
Adaptable across a range of climates

Cucumber - Brocade (cooking)
Cooking Cucumber

Cucumber - Bush Champion
Great For Containers and Raised Beds

Cucumber - Calimbo Hybrid
Perfect Pickling Gherkin

Cucumber - Chompers Hybrid
Excels In Salads With Few Seeds

Cucumber - Honey Plus Hybrid
Sweet as honey!

Cucumber - Merlin Hybrid
Easy To Grow Midi Type Cuke

Cucumber - Party Time
Easy To Grow and Tasty!

Cucumber - Picklebush
Classic Pickling Vegetable

Cucumber - Yellow Ball (cooking)
Cooking Cucumber

Leek - Chefs White
Early Growing Giant Leek

Pumpkin - Triple Treat
Triple Purpose Pumpkin

Radish - Ostergruss Rosa 2
Best In Cool Weather

Radish - Royal Purple
Elegant, sweet and crispy.

Summer Courgette - Sure Thing Hybrid
Medium Sized Tasty Courgette

Sweet Pepper - Afterglow Hybrid
Sweet And Juicy

Sweetcorn - Ambrosia
Disease resistant!

Sweetcorn - Arelia
Early Maturing

Sweetcorn - Bodacious, yellow
Good resistance to common rust!

Sweetcorn - Eden
White Sweetcorn!

Sweetcorn - Incredible
Large Cobs!

Sweetcorn - Solstice
Very Early & Multiple Disease Resistance!

Swiss Chard - Fordhook Giant
Heavy Yields!

Swiss Chard - Red Magic
Tender and Savoury

Tomato - Atlas Hybrid
First-ever beefsteaks for porches and decks in warm, sunny conditions everywhere.

Tomato - Big Daddy Hybrid
Large, Meaty and Delicious Tomatoes

Tomato - Big Mama Hybrid
Ideal For Tasty Sauces

Tomato - Big Pink Hybrid
Rosy Pink Flavourful Tomatoes

Tomato - Bountiful
Improved Tastier Tomande

Tomato - Brandy Boy Hybrid
Large with an Heirloom Flavour

Tomato - Burlesque Hybrid
Juicy and Prolific

Tomato - Burpee's LongKeeper
Stays Fresh For 6-12 Weeks

Tomato - Cherry Falls
Ideal For Hanging Baskets and Containers

Tomato - Cocktail Crush Hybrid
Blight Resistance and sweetness!

Tomato - Crimson Crush Hybrid
Blight Resistance and Delicious Flavour!

Tomato - Rose Crush
Highly Blight Resistant Pink Beefsteak!

Tomato - Rubylicious
Stays Fresh For 6-12 Weeks

Watermelon - Carolina Cross #183
Large and Juicy Watermelon

Winter Squash - Burpee's Butterbush
A Great Source Of Vitamin A

Winter Squash - Early Acorn Hybrid
Sweet, Smooth And Nutty Squash

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