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2021 Catalogue

Container Vegetables

Aubergine - Genie Hybrid
Big yields!

Aubergine - Green Knight Hybrid
Jade Jewels!

Aubergine - Meatball Hybrid
Meaty and Delicious!

Aubergine - White Knight Hybrid
Unique, shimmery white fruits

Broccoli - Sun King Hybrid
Large and Tasty!

Cucumber - Bush Champion
Great For Containers and Raised Beds

Cucumber - Goblin Hybrid
Compact and Leafy

Cucumber - Merlin Hybrid
Easy To Grow Midi Type Cuke

Cucumber - Party Time
Easy To Grow and Tasty!

Cucumber - Picklebush
Classic Pickling Vegetable

Okra - Baby Bubba Hybrid
Perfect For Large Containers

Okra - Super Bhindi
Excellent performer

Summer Courgette - Butterstick
Bright yellow courgette with firm texture and sweet, nutty flavour.

Summer Courgette - Pic 'N' Pic Hybrid
Smooth and Golden Courgette

Summer Courgette - Sure Thing Hybrid
Medium Sized Tasty Courgette

Sweet Pepper - Confetti Hybrid
Compact Variegated plant

Swiss Chard - Red Magic
Tender and Savoury

Tomato - Baby Boomer Hybrid
Sweet And Juicy Cherry Tomatoes

Tomato - Burpee's LongKeeper
Stays Fresh For 6-12 Weeks

Tomato - BushSteak Hybrid
Ideal For Small Gardens and Containers

Tomato - Cherry Falls
Ideal For Hanging Baskets and Containers

Tomato - Patio Plum

Tomato - Rubylicious
Stays Fresh For 6-12 Weeks

Tomato - Shimmer Hybrid
Shimmering beauty

Tomato - Veranda Red
Perfect for patio pots!

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